Borough Council

Citizens wishing to be placed on the Council agenda to speak on a topic of concern should call 849-5321 no later than the Friday preceding regularly scheduled Borough Council meetings.

The Borough of Brookville is governed under the Mayor-Council-Manager form of government. Seven council members and the Mayor are elected by the citizens; Members of Council are elected to a four-year term and serve staggered terms. The Mayor is also elected to a four-year term and may attend and participate in all Council meetings, but votes only in case of a tie vote of Council. The Council is vested with the legislative powers of the Borough – setting municipal policy, enacting local ordinances, adopting the annual budget, establishing the tax rate, appointing Borough officials, etc. The various administrative personnel supervise and carry out the day-to-day activities of the Borough.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Dana D. Rooney, CBO (814) 849-5321
James Dennison, Esq. (814) 849-1237
Jonathan Rhoades (814) 849-3769

Board Members

Name Title
Richard Beck Mayor
Phil Hynes President of Council
Karen Allgeier Vice-President of Council
Randy Bartley Second Vice-President
David Taylor Council Member
Lucy Ames Council Member
Sarah Gallagher Council Member
Rick Park Council Member