Permit Process

(Step by Step)

  • The applicant completes a building permit application for the proposed new construction, remodeling, or accessory structure. Examples: Including but not limited to:
    • Dwellings Buildings Manufactured
    • Garages Decks (homes)
    • Porches Sheds
  • Change is use or occupancy of a property.
    Installation of new plumbing, electrical or mechanical equipment.
  • The applicant submits the application along with a plot plan drawing or floor plan drawing, and the required fee, to:
    • PennSafe Building Inspections Services,
      LLC175 Beaver Drive
      PO Box 486
      DuBois, PA 15801
      Phone: 814-375-1111
  • The Building Official reviews the application for completeness and compliance with the Building Code and other local requirements. The applicant may request a consultation meeting with the Building Official regarding the submittal. The review period takes a minimum of three days from the date the completed form is received. The maximum review period is 30 days.
  • The Building Official issues the Building Permit or denies the application accordingly.
  • The applicant completes the project according to the terms outlined in the application.
  • The Building Code Inspector performs all required inspections of the project in progress and a final inspection at the end of the project.
  • The Building Code Inspector notifies the Inspection Office that the work authorized under the permit is completed and meets all Code requirements for occupancy.
  • The Building Official checks the completed project. If the project is a principal dwelling unit, an addition to the dwelling, or an accessory structure, which required Building Code Inspections, the Building Official issues an Occupancy Permit. After the Occupancy Permit is issued, the property owner may then move personal items into the newly constructed area.
  • All other construction projects will receive a Final Inspection Approval certificate at the completion of the project.